In Pursuit of Dreams


Staff Writer

Looking back on my life in high school, I can honestly say that scoring perfectly on every exam was a goal– but was it a reality? 

I cannot remember a single semester in which I followed my schedule and arrived on time every single day. Try as I might, I could never create a perfect balance of family, extracurricular activities and fun. I was never perfect. 

Today, advisers, professors, parents and even friends try to demand perfection in the daily lives of students everywhere. Every aspect of student life has come to be grounded in the present, which tends to catapult the dreamy or far fetched ideas to the trash because that aren’t considered reasonable. 

Students work hard to get degrees that will earn them the highest income, but in the process they lose touch of what made them proud to be at an institute of higher learning in the first place. 

The art of learning a profession has become studying for tests. Passing tests has led students to degrees since the dawn of the first chartered college. Life speeds by, and before anyone can discern the fun in studying to pursue dreams instead of money, opportunities have dissipated.

Being in high school was not the pinnacle point of my existence. Neither is being in college. The act of reaching the apex of life- of finding that point of sheer bliss where every aspect of life perfectly aligns- is nonexistent. 

If other college students are anything like me, passing high school finals seems trivial when compared to passing college finals. Who’s to say that facing college finals won’t become trivial when one is forced to face something new and unfamiliar in the future life, like a job interview? 

At the end of the day, perspective is key. Notwithstanding the challenges of life, how powerful change may seem, every occurrence has a shelf life. 

Sometimes we get lucky and the best occurrences contribute to who we become. They make us part of who we are. But the unimportant things, they get lost in the sea of yesterday. Don’t worry about what to make of college- college will make us all what it wishes to and then we will carry on. Life has a funny way of giving you that next step when you least expect it, so try to enjoy the walk.