Jamie’s Article


Staff Writer

“Piedmont sucks,” is a phrase I hear all the time, probably every day. I understand the Wi-Fi goes out, the caf’s food is often subpar and  we live in old buildings, but why does everyone complain so much? These are all problems that students at other school face too. You don’t think that the Wi-Fi might not work sometimes at UGA? 

Walking around this school, I realized something- we are a generation completely obsessed with hating. Why else would someone sit through the awful hour and a half of “The Grudge”? I remember it used to be one of my favorite movies because my friends and I had so much fun laughing at how awful it was. 

Another prime example of our society’s love to hate would be Miley Cyrus. Her lovely display of what I guess we could call “twerking” was plastered all over newspapers and social media sites. Her performance on the MTV Video Music Awards is still being talked about. But is it about how she broke a YouTube record or how her music just became really popular because of the performance? No, people are saying things like “What was she thinking?,” and “Miley needs to do some squats.” 

It is hard not to agree with the opinions of those around you, so when one person starting hating on something, everyone starts hating on it too. I think that’s what is going on here at Piedmont. When you look at the big picture, Piedmont is really not that bad. We have fantastic professors, a beautiful and unique campus, a very supportive community and a ton of people who want to see us succeed. 

Piedmont gives students opportunities that large colleges like LSU or UGA would not give its students. Do you think a professor that has a class of 200 is going to call you if they notice you are not in class? They probably wouldn’t even notice if you were there or not. 

At Piedmont, people care about you. And even if Piedmont fixed everything students complained about now, students would find something else to complain about. 

We love to hate; it comes naturally to our generation. But next time you go to complain about something at Piedmont, sit back and ask yourself, is it really that bad?