Staff Editorial


Features Editor

Have you ever received an email that read something along the lines of, “You should apply for this scholarship opportunity” from a professor? Some students would most likely click on the link and read about the requirements, or just ignore it altogether. But if a large number of students do that same thing, it means a bigger chance for those that actually apply to win the scholarships. 

As tuition increases, it can put on strain on students’ pockets, but there are hundreds of scholarships available at any given time. They range in theme from essay contests to community service projects, so much so that there is a scholarship for just about any type of student. Find a particular area in which you are passionate about and see if there are any related scholarships or grants related. You can even start by looking around campus. As the editors of the Navigator, we receive a scholarship for being part of the Student Leadership Council. Positions on our staff, as well as other programs in the mass communications department, are available every year. 

It also takes a little patience. Some scholarships are highly publicized, and therefore sought after by hundreds of students, so the odds of winning are smaller. However, if a student doesn’t win one scholarship, there is nothing to hold him or her back from applying to others. 

The opportunities are endless, and the award of a scholarship looks incredible on a student’s resume. What’s there to lose? Apply now and reap the benefits, including less of a headache over how to pay for you college education.