Leading Lion Men’s Cross Country

Bryce Thorson

Junior, graphic design major


High School: Cayuga High School


Hometown: Athens, Tx.



Why did you choose PC?

I chose PC because it is a private college so I dont have to pay out-of-state fees and I love the outdoors and a small classroom setting. The location near the Appalachian Mountains and the small class sizes offered at Piedmont really caught my interest when deciding what college I wanted to attend.


What are your plans after graduating Piedmont?

I plan to move back out west. Probably Colorado, Utah, or California. I want to live near the mountains, because of my love for running and the outdoors.


What is your greatest personal achievement? 

I have yet to achieve some of the goals I have set out for myself that I would consider being truly great. I plan on going to Germany this summer for the AmCham internship; where I hope to run my first 50-kilometer (31 mile) race. I also hope to run a sub 30 minute 8K (5 mile) by the end of the cross country season this year.