Viva Las Vegas: Reviewing Panic! At the Disco’s newest album

Contributing Writer

After years of member changes, Panic! At the Disco has come into the new year strong with their new album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

As the fourth album in their discography the formerly pop-punk band has succeeded in going in a completely different direction. But then again, this seems to be their niche since none of their albums are in the same vein as the others.

Panic! At The Disco has also never sounded so comfortable and sure of their own sound as they have with Too Weird.

The new album soared to #14 on the iTunes chart even before its official release with critics and fans both raving. It combines new wave electronica dance as well as slow, deep poignancy to give the listener an all-around experience. It is more reminiscent of the Viva la Cobra!-era Cobra Starship than old school Panic! or other Fueled By Ramen bands.

In fact, Too Weird is almost like a love child of the Fall Out Boy’s new sound and 80s club bands.

However, there is one main issue I have found with the album. Like the other Panic! releases before, it is heavily based around a theme, this one being Las Vegas. While the songs are easily able to stand alone, when they are put together they can seem a bit out of place and convoluted if the listener doesn’t know the theme.

The songs go from highly harmonized and melodic like “The End Of All Things” to sinfully upbeat with “Miss Jackson.” Sudden changes like that can lead to a very confused listener.

Despite that, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! is a must-have for any Panic! fans. I highly encourage picking it up as it is also a very good introduction to the band.

The album was officially released October 8th in stores and on iTunes. Currently it is on sale at Walmart for $10 and for a limited time will be $7.99 on iTunes.

If that is a bit pricey for you then you can also stream the album in its entirety for free on the band’s website here.