Fall Fashion Statements


Contributing Writer

Summer is ending and fall is quickly approaching. The leaves of the trees are changing from green to yellow, orange, and browns. Like the trees, we have to make a transition in wardrobe from our minimalistic summertime shorts and tanks to a more layered looks for the fall season. The colors of the trees are consistent every year;, but unfortunately, fashion is ever changing. Some pieces of fashion are timeless, but you do not want to be left behind in last season’s trends. Here are a few tips for men and women to help you transform your wardrobe for fall 2013.

When you’re out shopping to make your fall fashion transition, the first thing to think about is the popular color pattern for this fall. Popular colors include: grey, blue, variations of green, red, brown, and black or white. 

Once you mastered the colors to consider having in your wardrobe this fall, check out these items.


Cardigans are always on the scene in men’s fall fashions. Various trends and colors can be purchased just about anywhere.

Blazers are also popular for this fall season. The great thing about blazers today is that they can be used to form a very formal look or a very casual one. Bold colored blazers are becoming huge in men’s fashion.

Leather jackets never stray too far away from the fashion scene. Instead, the style of leather jackets continues to evolve. Many jackets that will be seen this fall will have harsh leather paired with softer fabrics to create a wearable high fashion look.  


Animal prints are being heavily infused into the fashion trends of this fall. Be careful not to overdo it with animal prints. 

Bohemian style is influencing women’s fashion. Long funky skirts with earth tones will be prevalent.

Tailored tops

Kitten heels

Pencil skirts

Jewelry is a great way to accessorize any outfit.

For men or women: 

trench/pea coats are becoming among the more timeless pieces. Each year designers find a new spin to put on the classic coat. The choices for style of the trench/ pea coat range from tailored, fit and flair, cropped, high collared, classic, and many more.

Boots, as always, are most certainly in business this fall. There are a plethora of boots to choose from this fall. Motorcycle, fringed, boots with buckled accents, knee high and riding boots are among the most people this year. These boots can be purchased in a variety of colors, but I would suggest a wheat or chocolaty colored brown because they can be worn with just about anything.

Scarves are the most popular accessory for both men and women in fall fashion. There a variety of different colors and prints to purchase a scarf and take an outfit from boring to beautiful. 

Fashion is about art and individuality. With these tips, and the adding of your own style and twists to these pieces, you will most certainly make a statement this season.