International Student Chooses Piedmont College

American students want to study in other countries, but do students from other countries want to study in America? Student reporter, Michelle Thompson, interviewed Viola Terschulse, a student from Germany, to find out what attracts international students to Piedmont.

Listen to her story.



Q: Why have you decided to study abroad?

A: I decided to study abroad because I am going to be an English and German teacher in Germany, and I think it is important to speak fluently and improve my English.


Q: How did you find Piedmont College?

A: Professor Schulte of Piedmont College knows her English professor at my college, and they somehow got together and arranged it. I applied for it and got the spot.


Q: What do you think of Piedmont College?

A: I really like it so far. I don’t know anything that I don’t like about it. Here there are small classes, it’s more personal since you get to know the professors really well, and all the students are really nice to me.


Q: What do you think of the American culture?

A: I like the American culture, even though it’s really different from the German one, but there are so many differences I don’t know where to start. As soon as you get used to it, it’s a cool culture.


Q: What do you like about the U.S.?

A: I like that the people are really friendly and open-minded, I like the food, I like the accent of the Americans, and I like the weather here in Georgia.


Q: Is there anything that you don’t like about the U.S.?

A: There is one thing that pops into my mind: the health insurance is not as good as it is in Germany.


Q: Would you tell other students to study abroad in the U.S.?

A: Yes, I would recommend this to other students because it is really important to get experiences and learn or improve another language.


Q: After the experience here, are you considering living in the states?

A: I don’t know yet. I need to go back and finish my program at home to get my bachelor and masters, and then I may consider being a teacher here in high schools. We will see.