A Graphic Acheivement in Gaming A gamer’s perspective of the newly released installment of the “Halo” franchise


Contributing Writer

Master Chief is back and the anticipation is finally over for 343 Studio’s “Halo 4.”
“Halo 4” came out on Nov. 6 with high expectations, and the game delivered on every level.
Master Chief wakes up in the campaign taking on new enemies with all new weapons and a new world.
The graphics in “Halo 4” are some of the best on the Xbox 360 to date.
Seeing as how the 360 is six-year-old technology, 343 made this game look as good, if not better, than L.A. Noire, which was considered to be the best Xbox 360 game, graphically.
Master Chief and Cortana take on the Prometheans as well as the Covenant as they try to save humanity.
This story is more about Cortana going rampant and the human side of Master Chief.
It will drag you in from beginning to end and let you see a side of Master Chief that’s never been seen before.
Along with a good story, the use of new weapons that literally incinerate your enemy also make it a great campaign.
In “Halo 4,” instead of “Firefight” they have “Spartan Ops,” which is episodic content released every month that you can play with friends.
It is nice having some new, free content to play every month, either by yourself or with some friends.
Of course, one of the biggest parts of any “Halo” game is the online multiplayer, and “Halo 4” does it well.
The multiplayer is mechanically solid with few bugs in it, and it adds new features never seen in the “Halo” franchise.
One of the many features is the ability to customize many loadouts. You can pick weapons, grenades, armor abilities and perks, providing you with a wide variety of options.
There is also a multitude of armors to unlock and customize as you level up even more than “Halo: Reach” had.
There are also eight specializations that you can do once you reach level fifty.
Each specialization has different boosts that can be for vehicles, sneaking and much more.
All in all, “Halo 4” is one of the best “Halo” games and one of the best Xbox 360 games to date.