PHOTO STORY: Don’t Panic, It’s Ceramic


Halverson uses a sponge to help shape the veins around the foot of his creation. It is important to move slowly and smoothly to avoid making a mistake. PHOTO / CONNOR CREEDON

Connor Creedon, News & Features Editor

With finals just a week away, many Piedmont students are wrapping up work for their classes, whether it’s writing that too-long research paper, developing a final presentation or studying for that dreaded final exam.

Students in the art department can get a little creative in their final project. Seniors Gary Halverson and Darius Smith, enrolled in the beginner ceramics and intermediate ceramics classes, respectively, engaged in the multi-step process of creating pottery for their final projects. Using the facilities offered by the art department at Piedmont University, these two gentlemen worked to complete their pieces as part of their final grade for beginner and intermediate ceramics classes.

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