A Fan’s Standpoint on Sports Media


Connor Rogers looks to make a play offensively in a late February matchup PHOTO//Dale Zanine

Connor Creedon, News and Features Editor

Modern sports culture resembles many traditions passed down through generations of fans. When looking at sports media as we know it today, current trends are heavily influenced by fans responding to different forms of advertising using outlets like social media.

There is an interesting conversation to be had about the modern sports fan experience, specifically locating the best place to reach fans in a contemporary media world. A sports team or program such as Piedmont University aims to spread awareness to fans and prospective fans about the sporting events at the school.

Acknowledging the goal is one thing, but how does a smaller Division III institution create this awareness? Long-time Piedmont athletics fan and nursing student Jacob Barrett said, “the best way to reach students who are fans has been social media ever since I’ve been here.”

It is no secret that social media is one of the most engaging forms of media. At this point, nearly every athletic organization, at any level, should have some form of online presence that can share news and interact with potential athletes. The key in 2023 is the detail that programs can go to that will draw even more attention and give fans and current athletes a heightened experience that makes playing for the school and working hard all worth it when it comes together.

One of the most efficient ways to use a developed social media network is to share information on where to connect with live sports broadcasts and other online content. On a recent episode of Socially Athletic, the sports media podcast, mass communications major Jarrett Ray brought great insight into the discussion with his experience working in radio and broadcast media.

“Broadcast media like radio and podcast production is just another one of many ways fans can get more content about the sports they find interesting,” said Ray.

As new trends develop and cause shifts in what content is popular, it will be interesting to watch the ways Division III athletics and collegiate sports as a whole react to what fans are looking for.