Yet Another Copycat? Reviewing the Sixth Addition to the Scream Franchise (Minor Spoilers)


Scream VI released in theatres Mar. 10, 2023 PHOTO//IMDb

Hannah Osborne, Editor-in-Chief

“Scream VI…” when will Ghostface claim the life of this franchise?

The newest release finds the “core four” in the middle of New York City; Mindy, Chad and Tara embark on college life, hoping to leave the traumas of those few fateful days in the past. Though Sam, who was revealed as the daughter of the original Ghostface, Billy, is having more difficulty coming to terms with both the events and her identity. 

“Scream VI” hit theatres Mar. 10, a little more than a year after the fifth installment of the series was released in theatres. The most recent addition brought back characters introduced in the fifth movie, including rising star Jenna Ortega reprising her role as Tara Carpenter, along with her fictional sister, Melissa Barrera, in the role of Sam. Other returning characters include Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmine Savoy Brown) and Chad Meeks-Martin (Mason Gooding). And what would a Scream movie be without the persistent and exploitative Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) returning to help the cause?

A character that opted out of appearing in “Scream VI” was the original target, Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), though a legacy character from the fourth installment appeared in her place, Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). 

Unlike previous Scream movies, it seems that Ghostface’s identity is revealed right out of the cut, but the number of copycat killers is seemingly boundless. You begin to question how the sales and reproductions of Ghostface masks have yet to be restricted. Imagine how much easier it would be to identify the killer if they couldn’t easily blend into a crowd of 100 people dressed as Ghostface for Halloween?

If you can ignore the plot holes regarding what would be permitted in a police investigation and that some questions are left unanswered, like all Scream movies, “Scream VI” is highly entertaining. 

Maintaining all of the rules of a classic Scream, don’t pick up the phone, don’t engage in sexual relations and don’t split up, “Scream VI” amps up the volume with more fights, chases and stabbings than ever before. Brown’s character, Mindy, is reminiscent of Randy Meeks of the original “Scream,” the uncle of Mindy and Chad. Mindy, like Randy, is a horror movie buff in her own right, dismantling the fourth wall while drilling out the rules and expectations for a sequel to a “requel.” More death. More action. And no one is safe.

Ultimately, I am once again disappointed with the choice of Ghostface, the reveal being surprising, but only because I was hoping for a more creative twist than simply another case of familial revenge. 

It also doesn’t help when major characters rarely die, no matter how many life-threatening injuries they receive. 

In my review of the fifth movie, “Scream,” I commented that I hope another addition is not made to the cinematic universe that is Scream, and here I stand corrected. While it was by no means earth-shattering, I thoroughly enjoyed the viewing from beginning to end. Some plot elements could use adjustments to be slightly more believable, and I think the ending could use more of a twist than what was delivered, but overall I am pleased.

Now, I am unsure where to stand on whether or not I believe the franchise should continue. The cheesy elements and the level of expectation that come along with Scream movies leave room for the franchise to continue indefinitely. I do hope that if they continue with further installments, they attempt to avoid recycling old plot points and opt for a reveal that is realistic but unexpected.