Current Events of the Ukraine War


PHOTO// Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

Hannah Osborne, Editor-in-Chief

Despite Western media pivoting from coverage of the invasion of Ukraine, the war wages on.

Bakhmut, formerly known for its salt and gypsum mines with a population of 70,000, is located near the eastern border of Ukraine.  A battle has rampaged the small city of Ukraine since Aug. 2022. Originally the battle provided an opportunity to decimate Russian troops before they could enter the country. Now, NATO intelligence estimates that for everyone Ukrainian soldier killed in the battle, five Russian soldiers die.

While the ratio is still measured in favor of Ukraine’s efforts, many are calling for Ukrainian forces to pull out of the city and redirect efforts elsewhere. For Ukrainian forces to pull out and re-establish their blockade further into Ukrainian territory would provide a symbolic victory for Russian forces, an event that could boost morale.

Biden has persistently shown his approach to Ukraine, calling it not just a war on Ukraine but a war on democracy. He recently received criticism for making a historical visit to the country. Back in the United States, he received flack for this decision due to this trip occurring in place of a trip to East Palestine, Ohio, where the Norfolk Southern train derailment occurred.

In addition to Biden’s support being expressed by his physical presence in the war-torn country, Biden has extended the allotted time for Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in the United States for an additional year. This time reflects the two years given to refugees that arrived later than those that arrived within the first month of conflict, a program within the humanitarian parole system.

On Mar. 3, 2023, Biden authorized a drawdown of U.S. arms and equipment for Ukraine; this is the 33rd since August of 2021. A drawdown allows for the swift delivery of defense equipment and assistance from Department of Defense stocks. The drawdowns provided thus far are valued at $19.6 billion (Congressional Research Service).

On Tuesday, Mar. 14, a US Air Force drone was downed over the Black Sea. In a video released by Pentagon, the drone is seen flying over the Black Sea, in international airspace, when two Russian fighter jets approach the drone. It appears that the two jets release fuel on the drone and then fly over, damaging the propeller. The drone crashed into the Black Sea 75 miles southwest of Crimea.

Russia has released claims that the jets were investigating the object, and its own erratic movements led to the drone crashing. According to Gen. Mark Miley, the drone’s recovery would be difficult due to the depths of the water the drone crashed into.

With all things considered, it does not appear that an end to the war is in sight.