Super Bowl Preview: Storylines Galore!


PHOTO//Unsplash – Casey Murphy

Matt Kodrowski, Sports Editor

After 18 weeks of the NFL regular season, 14 playoff teams clinching playoff berths, 12 postseason games, and a new system for the NFL season, we finally have our final two teams who will be competing for the grandest prize in the sport. In just six more days, the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will be clashing in what will be an incredibly historic Super Bowl LVII. Record-breaking viewership is almost guaranteed. The storylines write themselves, and everybody is excited for the most anticipated game of the season.

This game will feature some monumental firsts. First, the Kelce brothers become the first brothers to ever compete against one another in the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce is the younger of the two brothers and is an elite tight end for the Chiefs. Jason Kelce, the older brother, is an equally elite center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Both players have one Super Bowl ring already for their respective teams, meaning the two brothers will be competing for the ultimate battle between big brother and little brother as to who will have more Super Bowl victories. A petition has already been started to have their mother do the coin toss for the game. The petition has already gathered over 160,000 signatures, which isn’t surprising considering she will be the first-ever mother to have her sons compete against one another in the Super Bowl!

Another big storyline in this game is that it will be the first time ever in the Super Bowl era that two black quarterbacks will compete against one another in the Super Bowl. The quarterback has been and forever will be the most recognized position in the game. The quarterback takes the praise and heat for their team’s successes and failures. The spotlight is always on them, and for two black men to excel at their position and compete against one another on the biggest stage with the brightest stage is a massive step in the growth of diversity in the game. Not to mention this momentous occasion taking place during Black History Month; it is an exciting time for everybody!

One final historic headline falls on the men on the sidelines wearing the headsets. Andy Reid, the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Nick Sirianni, the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, will both be playing against teams they used to coach for. Andy Reid was the head coach in Philadelphia from 1999-2012. He is one of the greatest head coaches in Eagles history, and his team made one appearance in the Super Bowl in 2004 against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The Eagles lost that game, but they would get their revenge during the 2017-2018 season when they defeated the same Brady-led Patriots to win their first-ever Lombardi. However, this was after Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia. Reid moved to Kansas City in 2013 and eventually won a much-deserved ring for the Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers in 2020. Nick Sirianni was an Offensive Quality Control Coach and a Wide Receivers Coach for the Chiefs from 2009-2012. He has been the Eagles’ head coach since 2021 and would be looking to win the Super Bowl in just his second season!

This year’s Super Bowl has a lot of hype! The stakes have never been higher for these two teams, and we will see what these two teams bring to the table in what will be the epic conclusion to an unforgettable NFL season.