Popcorn! Get Your Popcorn!


Piedmont women’s soccer players and student workers working during the men’s basketball game. PHOTO// Kelsey Skendziel

Hailey Johnson, Online and Social Media Editor

After years of being closed, due to the COVID pandemic, the Piedmont concession stand has finally reopened their doors. 

“Reopening the concession stand was only possible with the help of Liz Butikofer who selflessly operated the stand since before my arrival at Piedmont in 2008,” said Timmy McCormack, head women’s soccer coach. “The motivation to open it comes from the same place as where the money is going. Having the concession stand operational and successful leads to opportunities for that money to enhance the student-athlete experience, provide employment opportunities to raise funds, and gives a unique lesson for those employees to engage in a successful business venture which benefits the greater good!”

McCormack has taken on the role of managing the concession stand. The stand is fully run by student workers who are given the opportunity to improve their social skills, management abilities and communication skills. McCormack has even recruited many of his own players to help in the stand. 

“It has been great being able to work in the concession stand since it reopened,” said student worker, Maggie Leger. “I think it’s a great addition to have during piedmont sporting events for both the home and away fans to enjoy!”

The concession stand has many snacks and sweets to satisfy the fans of Piedmont athletics. Fans can expect ice cold beverages, chips, candy, popcorn, and hot foods. The concession stand plans on expanding their variety of snacks in the future.

“I really enjoy working in the concession stand. It allows me to improve my people skills and working with other student workers always makes for a good time,” said student worker Kaylee King. “Hopefully having the concession stand open will bring more fans in to watch the games and bring a more lively atmosphere!”