MENU Review- “The Menu”: An Experience to Die For


Rowan Edmonds, Managing Editor

Have you ever been out to eat and disliked your food so much that you sent it back or made a complaint to the kitchen? Well, “The Menu” will make you rethink those decisions in the future. 

The story follows Margo (portrayed by Anya Taylor Joy), who accompanies her date, Tyler (played by Nicholas Hoult), to the exclusive restaurant, “Hawthorne,” located on a remote island. Every patron gives up an arm and a leg to dine at Hawthorne, but Margo is the exception. As Tyler’s last-minute date, she is utterly uninterested in the food and the experience. This is unacceptable to the head chef, who is obsessed with making the experience as personal as possible for every patron. The film takes a turn after their first few courses and uncovers how cultish a kitchen can truly be to the patrons, as well as the audience. The cinematography is different and fun, displaying each part of the film as if it’s a course from a meal and taking a lot of shot ideas from the food network. 

With dark and twisted humor as a central theme of the film, “Menu” is very different from what I’ve seen, but it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The twists and turns kept me interested, entertained, and pleasantly shocked on a few occasions. The ending left me satisfied, and Anya Taylor Joy wowed. 

This film is not for everybody, but if you’re looking for something different and cutting edge, “Menu” will absolutely fulfill those needs.