Joni Mabe Art Reception: “I Ain’t No Hick From Habersham”


Elizabeth Carter, Publications Designer

Visitors of the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum have never seen the museum look like this. On Oct. 27, local artist Joni Mabe revealed her exhibit “I Ain’t No Hick From Habersham.”

Mabe is the proud creator of the Everything Elvis Museum, where she displays the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia, featuring Elvis’ wart and the “Maybe Elvis Toenail.”

In this exhibition, Mabe explores ideas of her life in Habersham county but also provokes thought on the amount of “junk” human societies collect over time. She does this by visiting various thrift stores and collecting whatever she finds interesting. A few examples include flattened shopping carts, old shoes, old electronics and a Teletubbies puzzle. These pieces are then made into a composition by arranging them in an entirely new way, often completely disguising the original shape. 

Mabe’s art requires the viewer to pause and truly study all the various items in the piece, as there are many fascinating details that may not be noticeable at first glance. 

From blue walls to glitter paintings to a Loretta Lynn tribute singer, Joni Mabe truly brings a new and exciting atmosphere to the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art.