Six Deliverables Later: Mass Communications Capstone


Katherine Fernandez, Staff Writer

Mass communication majors put what they’ve learned over the course of four years into action with their capstone project. The capstone project is an opportunity for them to draw from everything they’ve learned throughout their college career. 

This project consists of six deliverables that, when combined, will express each student’s unique passion through one or more mediums of their choosing. Mass communication majors can choose their topic if it can be tied to their field of study. Emma Marti, a senior mass communication major, chose to explore conspiracy theories as they are promulgated by social media.

The first two deliverables of the project consist of a required 8–10-page paper and a website to display all project outcomes. The remaining four deliverables are determined by the student. Marti mentions that students with different interests choose different media outlets to express themselves. For instance, students interested in film may choose to film a documentary. 

In Marti’s case, she says a “promotional package, podcast series, blog posts, and seven articles posted to the Roar” will comprise her remaining four deliverables. 

The promotional package consists of an audio ad, a video ad, a promotional poster, a logo for her podcast, and a press release. The podcast series contains twelve episodes, and the blog contains twelve posts. Lastly, seven articles were written and posted to the Roar. Throughout the entire semester, deliverables are turned in periodically. 

After a semester, students present their projects as a final expression of their capabilities. Marti says, “it was a lot of fun” and “easy because you get to pick something you want to do.”