Gamer: ‘Bioshock: Infinite’: The series’ newest installment continues to impress


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The Bioshock franchise has been around awhile, delivering unique worlds with great stories. The first two games in the Bioshock franchise take place in the underwater city of Rapture, but  “Bioshock: Infinite,” showcases a whole new world and story that matches the elegance of the original games. 

“Bioshock: Infinite” came out on March 25 for all major platforms. The game delivers a remarkable and memorable first-person experience that sticks with you long after you play it. 

In “Bioshock: Infinite,” you play as personal investigator Booker DeWitt, who has a shady, mysterious past. You go through the game with your companion, Elizabeth. Unlike in other games, she is a great companion to have. During the heat of battle, she will toss you ammo if you need it. Elizabeth will also alter your surroundings with her dimension-shifting abilities. This duo of DeWitt and Elizabeth delivers a dynamic, fun experience. 

Of course, just like every Bioshock game, there is an evil villain that you strive to take down. In “Bioshock: Infinite” he is called The Prophet. He is a sexist, racist and nationalist madman. The Prophet constantly voices his evil desires over the megaphones in the game. This can make a player uncomfortable from the verbal content, but The Prophet makes players think about some tough subjects. There is a twist in the game that will leave you entirely surprised. It’s something that you would never expect, but is very satisfying. 

The world that you’re in is a floating city called Columbia in an alternate version of the year 1912. This is a retro-technical city that is full of vibrant colors, and The Prophet’s propaganda is everywhere. The floating city provides a unique environment to explore. 

Of course, the city is full of bad guys that must be taken out, like Patriot Robots that are modeled after George Washington and Handymen, who are extremely agile, 10-foot-tall cyborgs. These various enemies provide exciting combat that is a little different at every encounter. 

The weapons that you use are very similar to those of the past games but with some new features. These weapons are still in the classic Bioshock style, but they have odd names like the Shock Jockey, a weapon that electrocutes enemies, and the Bucking Bronco, a weapon that lifts them in the air. The typical Bioshock combat system still pairs weapons in one hand and powers in the other.

“Bioshock: Infinite” offers a new, thrilling world paired with a story that will surprise you. Great graphics, characters and gameplay make this game worth the $60 price tag. 

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