Diving into USA South Division III NCAA Hashtag Campaigns: Maryville College

Maryville Colleges #TartanTuesdayatMC campaign has helped the Scots community with fundraising for good causes.

Maryville College’s #TartanTuesdayatMC campaign has helped the Scots community with fundraising for good causes.

Christian Castro, Contributing Writer

Maryville College Athletics’ social media is geared to keeping fans up to speed on all events within the athletic department. If you register as a student or parent, you will receive special invitations to MC athletic events and updates on what’s going on in the Highlands!

The two hashtags that stand out on their social media pages are #scotsnation and #TartanTuesdayatMC. The #scotsnation is a dedicated hashtag to promote scores and updates across all sports teams for the Maryville Scots. The #TartanTuesdayatMC is a challenge for Maryville College community members to work together to collect money for an important cause to support Maryville College Athletics and students.

With the donations, MC reached its goal of 917 presents. The MC family contributed $1,092,356 to the cause. MC made April 5th the most significant annual donating day in the College’s history. MC can be a lively, innovative learning environment that involves students in personal and intellectual growth, equipping them with the skills they need to seek meaningful employment, thanks to Tartan Tuesday donations and gifts.

Instagram and Twitter are Maryville’s leading social media platforms. It has an average of 5,000 followers on both accounts and keeps its followers up to date regularly. Maryville has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel that followers can follow. Because the account name is the same across all platforms, Scots Nation may easily follow @MCScots.