Sof Delgado: Advocating with Art


Behind-the-scenes shot of Sof Delgado captured during the filming of “What We Choose to Share.” // Photo Courtesy of Sof Delgado.

Hannah Osborne, Managing Editor

Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship recipient Sof Delgado has bright plans for their future and the future of others.

“I want to help other kids be able to find who they are through the arts,” said Delgado.

Piedmont University sophomore Sof Delgado is currently majoring in technical theatre, but their hope is to create an interdisciplinary studies major to study theatre, sociology and business. Delgado’s dream is to open a theatre that can also function as a community center for youths.

Theatre has been a major part of Delgado’s life, helping shape them into the person they are. Upon visiting Piedmont University, they felt immediately welcomed by the charismatic team of theatre professors. Working in the theatre here at Piedmont has transformed what some may view as work, into something that Delgado feels is as natural as breathing. The program made coming to Piedmont, so far from home, worth it.

“My professors and my classmates are my support system, this place is the place I can express myself completely and I know they’ll have my back,” Delgado said.

In the fall of 2021, Delgado took a semester off, spending time in their hometown Orlando, Florida. During these months Delgado became heavily involved in the community. They guided educational visits to children at the Orlando Science Center, worked in collaboration with a friend to write and direct a short film, and participated in events at the Zebra Coalition of Orlando.

The Zebra Coalition is a nonprofit organization aimed to provide housing to LGBTQ+ youths ages 13-24. The organization serves as a safe space for not only the houseless youths but to any who need a place to escape or find community. As someone who identifies as both non-binary and lesbian, Delgado learned of the organization by taking part in some of the clubs and field trips that Zebra Coalition funded. From these experiences, they grew a desire to give back in some way to the organization, and was able to through their art.

“It helps to help other people. A lot of people that went to Zebra Coalition were wondering where their next meal would come from, and I was there primarily to have fun,” Delgado said. “I realized I was in a place where I could give back and repay them, at least a little bit, for what they had given me.”

The Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship was given to individuals that gave the company a tangible idea of what they would do with the scholarship, wanting to know how the recipients would impact the world around them. While some of the funds did contribute towards Delgado’s tuition, the majority of it went towards the production costs of creating their short film titled, “What We Choose to Share.”

“What We Choose to Share,” is an intimate story of four friends navigating their interpretations of love and life, while celebrating the birthday of one of their closest friends, Rory. The film is a conglomeration of love stories anonymously sent in during the process of writing the script. Motivated to give back, the crew hosted a private viewing of the film, that also functioned as a charity event. From the viewing Delgado was able to raise $400 for the Zebra Coalition of Orlando.

“I don’t want it to come across as me being self-righteous. It makes sense to me. Why would I not take this extra step when I have to resources to do so?” Delgado said. “As someone who is a part of these marginalized groups, I feel like it’s my responsibility to give back. Otherwise, I don’t think I would be doing those groups I identify with, that don’t get those opportunities, justice.”


To learn more about Sof’s work and to watch their short film, visit their Linktree here!

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