SGA to hold elections during this week



Student Government Association  (SGA) elections will be held tomorrow, Apr. 24 and Thursday Apr. 25 in the lobby of Nielsen Dining Hall. 

Candidates for office have been selected and were required to submit a candidacy statement and a petition with 100 student signatures for Executive Officers and 50 for Class Senators.

Candidates will give a speech to the student body before the elections take place. Class representatives will have five minutes to speak while executive officers will have ten.  The date for these speeches has not been released. Last year, they took place in Nielsen Dining Hall during dinner.

SGA has set a number of rules and regulations that pertain to SGA election advertising.

According to the SGA Election Committee’s rules and regulations,  all campaign ads are subject to approval by the Elections Committee. Candidates are allowed to use online media to campaign, but they are prohibited from mass messaging students through email.

Candidates are also welcome to post flyers and use chalk to advertise campaigns, as long as they meet the requirements set out by the elections committee.

Donations cannot be accepted from groups of individuals.

Most of the candidates for next year’s SGA positions will run uncontested. See the sidebar for all of the candidates running.

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