Rants on Romance: Anthony Jordan and Anteca Hill


Senior Anthony Jordan (left) and senior Anteca Hill (right) started talking via social media after becoming friends. PHOTO//ANTECA HILL

Jaela Dodson, Features Editor

Dating in today’s world can be quite intimidating, especially with periods such as “the talking stage” and social media. Except for Senior Anthony Jordan and Senior Anteca Hill who believe their brief “talking” period helped support their relationship but their sole connection itself is what makes them successful.

Jordan and Hill officially met in the Spring of 2019 during the Track & Field season of their freshman year. Initially, the two met at summer orientation before their freshman year but were both in relationships. At first, the two never really paid attention to each other due to both of them being in romantic relationships of their own. Eventually, during sophomore year, the two became close friends which led to their now committed relationship.

Before dating, Jordan and Hill were talking for two months. The talking stage is the period when two people have mutually expressed romantic interest and are getting to know each other on a deeper level. Although just in the talking stage of their relationship, all of Jordan and Hill’s close friends and family knew of their soon-to-be relationship.

At first, I didn’t pay him a lot of attention, I had a boyfriend so I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Sophomore year I was single and that’s when he caught my eye ” said Hill, a Senior Sports and Exercise Science major.

Jordan and Hill are currently seniors on Piedmont’s Track and Field team. The couple spends great lengths of time together with practices, meets, and everyday interactions. The two particularly enjoy eating together, watching movies, going outside and being adventurous.

The aspect that sets Jordan and Hill’s relationship apart from the rest is their decision to become friends before starting their relationship. Being friends before starting a romantic relationship is an important factor for a successful committed relationship. Being friends before starting a relationship gives both parties the opportunity to get to know the person for who they are and learn things you would not have learned otherwise.

“It seems like everyone in our generation rushes into relationships and tries to put sex first. Relationships take a lot of growth, accepting each other’s flaws, and growing together and not separate” said Hill,  a Senior Sports and Exercise Science major.

The talking stage can make you question if the feelings you have are too soon. The talking stage is more than just “talking”. This confusing period can be a growth period or a mystifying period. Individuals can choose whether or not to post the mystery person they have been involved with. Although, choosing not to post the person you’re talking to could stir up some heat. Both successful track and field athletes, Jordan and Hill often post each other’s accomplishments on their social media pages. The two both have private stories that each of them are a part of. Getting too involved in social media’s standards and opening your relationship to the world can be detrimental to a relationship. Intimacy can get lost when looking to social media followers for approval. Hill believes the problem is when people are too open regarding their relationship. Jordan and Hill choose to display the highlights of their relationship rather than every small aspect.

“She’s caring, loving, encouraging, funny, I could go on and on about the things I love about her. But the best thing I love about her is that she is accepting of all my flaws” said Jordan, a senior Criminal Justice major.

Following Jordan and Hill’s graduation in Spring 2023, the couple plans to continue their relationship in hopes of one day getting married. Right now it is unknown where the couple is headed in terms of location after graduation, but the couple feels their relationship will remain secure because of their solid foundation and social media to keep them interconnected.