TikTok Under Review: Trends


TikTok’s Trending page shows account users the top themes and ideas in social media. PHOTO//ANNA WATSON

Anna Watson, Contributing Writer

For something that is “the topic of many posts within a short period of time,” trends have such a variety. That’s the thing about TikTok – there are so many different things going on at one time.

From an audio clip from one of Netflix’s newest shows, to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, to a popular hashtag – anything could be trending. There is so much trending on TikTok that they made a whole page to accommodate for it, featuring as many of the trending hashtags as possible. But a hashtag alone won’t lead to the pinnacle of success.

Think of all the different components that go into a TikTok. There’s the visual of the actual video or compilation of photos, plus the addition of a soundbite/music/or an original audio, the caption with a hashtag or two, the addition of filters – or choosing to go without them – and the personality of the creator, that bring the TikTok together to create something wonderful and creative that everyone could enjoy. For such a short form of content, it is the aggregate combination that inspires people to give a follow, like or comment.

It only takes one video – one TikTok – to go viral and possibly start the next trend.


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