Let Your Love ‘Zoom:’ Piedmont to Introduce New ‘Zoom’ Dating Service (April Fools)


Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash

Written by Anna Watson, A&E Editor

Combating the loneliness taking place during COVID-19 quarantining, Piedmont College launches a Zoom meeting where students will be allowed to “speed date” after being put into different groups. 

“Student connections are so important for Piedmont, and it would be terrible for those to crumble due to online classes,” professor Sales said. 

Worried about students being seperated from friends before the end of the semester without a proper goodbye, a small group of professors, including Dr. Dooley, Dr. Tingle and Professor Sales proposed the idea to Dr. Dennis. Responding quickly to their email, Dr. Dennis put the plan into motion becoming the host for the love chat Zoom room. 

“You know, I think it’s a great and fun way for students to stay connected over this extra long summer break,” assistant professor of mass communications, Dr. Tingle said. “I already miss my students and I can’t imagine how they feel. We wanted to help bridge that gap.”

Despite being similar to a Zoom classroom, students will be able to mingle with a new student every minute trying to find a compatible soul to walk to class with in August, all from the comfort of their hometown. Students, open your hearts and your laptops to let your heart soar. 

“This is a super cool opportunity for students to date off campus during the semester,” sophomore Madison Voshall said.

The online Zoom meetings will reoccur every Friday at 7:00 p.m. Students, if interested, can fill out the questionnaire on the Piedmont App to be paired with people with similar interests.