Lions Dazzled by ‘Brrrriliance’ of Rare Winter Wonderland


Laura Alyssa Platé

Written by Laura Alyssa Platé, News Editor

Six years after Atlanta was crippled by a dusting of snow, Piedmont College students experienced a real winter wonderland. 

On Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020, North Georgia was hit with a cold front which dropped 6 inches of snow onto the Demorest Campus, though you would never know it if you drove by campus the next day. During a week of strange weather that included highs in the 80s, lows in the 20s, flooding and an earthquake, students also built snowmen, went sledding and even snowboarded on the Quad and athletic fields. The Georgia blood in many students showed on Saturday as they attempted to brave the snow-covered roads to run necessary errands. 

“Saturday was grocery day, so due to being out of food we had to embark on our journey to Walmart,” said junior history education major, Hunter Juday with a laugh. “I don’t know how we made it there or back but it was definitely a bonding moment. In order to get the snow off the car we used our broom because our hands got too cold from wiping it off with towels.”

Not every student enjoyed their snowy Saturday though. Many theater students who were trapped without a way to drive back to the Piedmont Village saw the logistical nightmare a snowstorm such as this one brings to the South. 

“The snow definitely became a major inconvenience,” said Taylor Pope, a senior technical theater major. “What started out with flurries became a good bit of snow; it came up to my ankles. I was at rehearsal and I made the decision to attempt to drive back to the Village, where I live, and got redirected due to poor road conditions. I had to leave my car and walk to get back to my room. After that I found out that Mt. Airy Highway was shut down and no one was allowed in or out of the Village unless you were walking.” 

Other theater students trapped in a similar situation were able to laugh at their experience. 

“I think that although it had an interesting start, a snow day was just what Piedmont students needed,” said senior musical theater and mass communications double major, Marion Mealor.  “It was a nice break from school work and responsibilities, and everyone got to be a kid again.”

Piedmont employs the use of the E2 Alert System in the event of a weather related emergency, however the system was not used and many students felt there was some confusion as to what the school was doing about student safety during the storm. 

“I think that in general there could be better weather precautions taken here at Piedmont for the safety of the students,” said Pope. “I know it cannot always be predicted the exact amount we will receive but the warnings about safety and not driving are not nearly as beneficial if we receive them once the weather is already upon us.”

Many mass communications students used the unexpected snow-blanketed scenery as a spur-of-the-moment backdrop for photo shoots, but others who weren’t lucky enough to be on campus over the weekend admired the pictures from afar. 

“It looked like the kind of snow day you dream about as a kid– having snowball fights and building snowmen with the neighborhood kids,” said junior English major, Hadley Cottingham. “I was cuddled up on the couch with my family and our cats, and that was nice, but I feel like I missed one of those days in Piedmont history we all talk about down the road. Like Irma, but way more fun.”