Disney shocks “Star Wars” fans with new trailer of final “Clone Wars” season


PHOTO / DenOfGeek.com

Originally released in 2008, “Star Was: The Clone Wars” was a pivotal show in understanding and learning more of the Star Wars timeline. The show takes place in between “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.” Taking place just before Anakin turned to the dark side, “The Clone Wars” explained more of the events and emotions that led to Anakin’s tragic story while also exploring many of the worlds in the Star Wars galaxy.  

The show had six seasons and was left unfinished leaving many questions for watchers. The show introduced new and old characters. Ashoka Tano is a fan favorite that is not present in the following movies. Ahsoka played the role of Anakin’s Jedi Padawan and was tried for treason. Innocent and set up, she tried to clear her name. Under the influence of Palpatine, the Jedi Order kicked Ahsoka out due to mistrust. When she was cleared of all charges, she rejected their offer to rejoin since realizing they were not as perfect as they seemed. Except for a cameo in the final episode “The Rise of Skywalker,”  Ahsoka Tano has meerly appeared in another subsequent show, “Star Wars: Rebels.” Yet, the trailer reveals that she is a lead in the timeline for the seventh season. 

The trailer also reveals that Ahsoka will be battling Darth Maul – former apprentice of Darth Sideous – to stop him from trying to overthrow the galaxy. Thought to be deceased, Maul was found on the trash planet of Lotho Minor. Making a miraculous recovery since Obi Wan Kenobi cut off the lower part of his body in the first movie, Darth Maul was brought back to sanity by a witch to mentor his brother in the dark side of the force. He has since lived up to his sith training by becoming a main villain and wanting to set up a criminal enterprise. 

Similar to the earlier seasons, the audience learns more about the Mandalorian people and their history. In this season, it seems audiences will learn of their demise and how they became a rare race in the show “The Mandalorian” and the later movies. 

Disney is incredible about placing specific details throughout the show and tying it into the movie. In “The Mandalorian,” a sword “that kills Jedi” was depicted – one that Darth Maul took from a Mandalorian he killed. The blade should be expected to be seen, however, it is not currently in the trailer. Another integral detail is that of when Anakin meets General Grievous for the first time in “The Revenge of the Sith.” Anakin remarks, “General Grievous, you’re shorter than I imagined,” making it clear that they have never met before. Since the show followed the movie, in all of the episodes that Anakin and Grievous both take part in they never encountered each other – even when they were on the same ship. 

While fans knew of the show being finished, Disney had been quiet about its release. The trailer exposed that the show will be streamable on February 21st, just weeks after the trailer was released. Even with the end of the saga, Disney pleases and excites fans by keeping the story alive.