“Project: VALKYRIE” Soars Onto Webtoon


BANNER / Zachary Morgan

In October 2019, senior Zachary Morgan will be publishing the first issue of his webcomic “Project: VALKYRIE” on the internet based publishing site “Webtoon”, as well as an official dub of the comic premiering on YouTube in fall of 2019.

“Project: VALKYRIE has been in existence for about a year now, and I am very happy it has gained the following that it has online,” Morgan said. “The main message of Project: VALKYRIE is that anyone can be a hero, no matter their age, race, or creed. It also explores what earth would be like if multiple cultures were all living together in one place, meaning the cast is extremely diverse and represents many different parts of our world.”

The comic follows a young orphan, Ichara Berin, in the year 2140, who discovers she has super powers, known as “overdrive”, while stopping a gas station robbery. Ichara is voiced by Piedmont alumnus Lauren Patrick in the official dub. After being taken in by the police, she becomes part of a secret team of superheroes known as The Valkyries. Her fellow Valkyries are the brash Suzzane Laurel, the graceful Isabella Quetzál, the shy Hanuske Wantanabe, and their leader Rashida Al’ Azraq. They are portrayed by voice actors Tessa Kosch, Amber Portela, Dan Cooper, and Marwa E. respectively. Together, the Valkyries fight against the growing threat of the global mafia known as Ragnarok and protect Earth’s last great Arial city from disaster.

Zachary Morgan is the comic’s author and illustrator. The comic and the official dub are available at bit.ly/valkyriecomic and bit.ly/valkyrie dub respectively. For more information, email Zachary Morgan at [email protected] or call (678) 381-5252. Visit his website at bit.ly/zacharyart