Piedmont Works to Improve Accessibility


In the midst of other changes, Piedmont College has added new accommodations to help student’s mobility on campus. 

Prior to this academic semester, Daniel and Stewart Halls’ doors were manual, and the only automatic doors on campus were at the entrance to the library and the main entrance to the Student Commons. 

Sue Smith, Disability Support Coordinator, said in an email that, “as our student population becomes more diverse, we have additional need for automatic doors, not just for students but guests as well.” 

Having been asked about accommodations to come, Smith said, “making our campus accessible is certainly a concern and being addressed in future planning and renovation.” 

Piedmont College has made a number of changes this past summer and has begun new renovations, like the new Conservatory of Music and an 80-acre land purchase. 

The college has added automatic doors in Daniel and Stewart Halls, a handicap-accessible bathroom on Daniel Hall’s first floor and has adjusted the shuttle’s route to be on a fixed schedule.

The new shuttle is wheelchair-accessible and arrives at each stop every hour.

“Currently, the campus shuttle is being used to move students to the Swanson Center,” Smith said. “The schedule of the shuttle is very accommodating for students who need to move to any location on campus, including the Swanson Center.”

At present, the only ways to access the Swanson Center from the quadrangle or from the Student Commons would be to use the foot bridge or travel up Georgia Street and then across to College Drive. 

“A more accessible campus is a goal,” said Smith.