New Music Conservatory Opening on Sept. 23


Laura Alyssa Platé

Assuming that the next few weeks go according to plan, the music students and faculty will begin holding classes, lessons and rehearsals in the new Conservatory of Music the week of Sept. 23. This is a long awaited treasure for the department that has been rehearsing in Neilson Hall for the past year. Last week, the Piedmont Singers were granted the opportunity to practice in the new concert hall. 

“We had a wonderful time, being the first group to make sounds in that incredible space,” said Wallace Hinson, DMA, the Director of the Conservatory of Music and Associate Dean of Fine Arts. “I look forward to doing more of that as we move into the Conservatory.”

““Singing in the facility only made me so much more excited to be moved in,” said Calliope Adcox, a junior music performance major. “I can’t wait to finally feel like I have a place to call ‘ours’ and feel like a real department again. Having practice rooms and real classrooms will also be amazing. I’m so excited.”

While there are many things, such as the new classrooms that the faculty and students are looking forward too, the presence of windows in the new building is a resounding highlight of the facility along with the prestigious designation of being an All Steinway School. With the opening of the new building, Piedmont will be one of the few in the region. 

“There are so many things that make this facility special,” said Hinson. “ The department has never had adequate instructional space. We now have proper studios for faculty, state-of-the-art classroom spaces, enough practice room space, and one of the finest concert halls in the region.” 

No stone was left unturned in the design and conceptualization of the conservatory. Each decision along the way was made to insure the facility gives students the best learning environment and performance space as possible. 

The Springer Music Conservatory features radical exterior and interior redesigns, including the arch now featured at the main entrance. PHOTO / Bryce Griggs

“We have worked with less than appropriate instructional space for more than 30 years,” said Hinson. “We now have enough space to accommodate all of the students involved in the music program, and classroom, practice, and studio space that is specifically designed for the study of music.”

Faculty are not the only ones excited about the new facility. 

“I’m looking forward to having a new and unique performance space to participate in, and attend recitals and concerts in.” said junior arts administration major and Piedmont Singer Chance Dudley. “We tested out the acoustics in the new hall recently and it sounded amazing.” 

Other students are excited to be in a building designed with acoustics in mind once again. 

“I’m so excited for the new music building,” said Sarah Jones, a junior psychology major and music minor. “It is going to be great to be out of Neilsen Hall and into a building made for music again.” 

The Conservatory of Music will hold a Community Open House to view the brand new facility on Oct. 29. Cantabile is set to perform at 5 p.m., with a self tour available afterwards. Other details about the celebration of the opening of the school of music will be released via Roar social media and through the college as plans are made.