Piedmont College Claims Third-Straight USA South President’s Cup

Piedmont College Claims Third-Straight USA South President’s Cup

In a continued show of dominance, Piedmont College won its third-straight USA South Overall President’s Cup in record fashion. Piedmont finished 22 points ahead of second place Methodist and had a total point count of 133. The school also captured its fourth-straight USA South Women’s President’s Cup, finishing with 76.5 points, while runner-up Meredith finished with 56.5 points. The 20-point margin of victory is a school record. However, none of the athletic department’s success is possible without all of the support the college receives from every department.


“The ultimate importance of this is how well we are supported by Dr. Mellichamp. From the top down, Dr. Mellichamp’s desire is for us to have the tools and resources that we need to be successful,” said Jim Peeples, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Piedmont. “Everybody does not get the president who cares as passionately about giving our students and our student-athletes the opportunity to be successful. We could do none of this without his support.”

While the college is proud to tout its success and support, the athletic department refuses to become complacent. In fact, Peeples believes the college is poised to continue its success. 

“The big thing comes when you combine all of it. Look at how well our student-athletes do in the classroom. We made a 3.24 collectively in the fall and a 3.25 collectively in the spring. 18 of the 19 programs had a team GPA over a 3.0,” said Peeples. “The thing that all of our coaches try to sell is that we’re not just excelling on the playing field. When you send your son or daughter here, the expectation is that they excel at every facet of what their life is going to be here as a student-athlete.”