EventHorizon: Under the Technicolour Lights


In the Mason Scharfenstein Museum of Art, the ceiling is currently studded with 10,000 LED multi colored lights. No, this is not a setup for a rainbow themed rave in the museum. Rather, this is Zane Cochran’s “EventHorizon”, the current exhibition being displayed in the museum.

“EventHorizon” is an interactive art exhibit that was created by Zane Cochran, the Technology Advisor at the Campbell School of Business at Berry College. Cochran has previously spoken at technology conferences with a focus on interactive media, pertaining to his research in physical computing and education technology.

In this exhibit, the individual can control the color and the motion speed of the 10,000 lights through simply moving their hands on a kiosk set up in the space. An Xbox Kinect peripheral was used to track hand movement and the lights mimicked the hand movements of the user. The wire length of the lights stretched over two miles and the exhibit was built exclusively in the Mason Scharfenstein space by Cochran.

Samantha Catoggio, a junior art therapy major, attended the reception that Cochran spoke at for “EventHorizon” and was moved by the presentation.

“It’s a breathtaking display of LED lights that show you how the universe works,” Catoggio said. “Laying under the constantly changing colors and patterns made it feel like time was no longer part of the equation. It felt like I could lie there for hours without a care in the world.”

For those who have not been able to lay under the lights, fear not. The exhibit is, as of this publication, still set up in the museum and will continue to shine bright through Tuesday, April 16. Be prepared to walk into a spotlight shining on humanity’s place in the universe and a consciousness of the space surrounding.

“The exhibit was made to make us think about our impact on the space around us,” Catoggio said. “For me, it succeeded in doing that.”