Alternative Spring Break: An Alternative Lesson in Community


Often, students away from school feel directionless at the sudden dissipation of their regimented schedules meant to drive them forward into education. Such is the case with spring break. Sure, the break from schoolwork can be refreshing, but students often find themselves thinking of something fulfilling to pass the time until it’s back to Piedmont. Finding a job won’t be easy, as employers look for commitments that last longer than a week. But Piedmont does have an answer to this lax in work.

Alternative Spring Break is a spring break that focuses on community service for the break. Attached to the project is Dr. Kimberly Crawford, Associate Dean of Student Life, who leads the effort and goes with the students who decide to go.

“It’s basically an opportunity for students to have an alternative to what a typical spring break would look like and we try to offer a more service-oriented option for students,” said Crawford. “If you have always had a passion to serve others and you don’t know where to start and you don’t want to do it alone, this is a great place to start because we have the support of staff as well rest of the students who are going.”

On top of that, a Compass point opportunity is given out to whoever signs on for Alternative Spring Break. Nicole Thomas, a junior mass communications major, also commented on her previous experience with the spring break alternative.

I would like to go on alternative spring break again because it’s a very fun and valuable experience,” Thomas said. “It’s really nice to have an opportunity where I can make a difference in my life along with the lives of others. Alternative spring break is not just an opportunity to give back to others through volunteer work but it’s also a valuable way to make a difference in your own life by strengthening skills, gaining new experiences and overall growing as a person.”

The deadline for alternative spring break was on the Jan. 18th, but for many students looking to volunteer, there is always next year. If not, you could get together with some friends on spring break and help around on your own volition. Pick up trash, volunteer at a local shelter, even spray paint that yellow speed bump everyone forgets about. If you want to help people, the world is your oyster and alternative spring break 2020 will be there next year to help pry open that shell.