“Halloween” Review


Some things get better with time, and much like a fine wine, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode took the “Halloween” franchise to the next level in the 2018 reboot. Jamie Lee Curtis’ dedication to her role left audiences on the edges of their seats as she vowed to finally end Myers.

The exposition gave horror movie lovers a fresh take on Myers’ influence in the “Halloween” universe, while helping those viewers who were less involved in the series catch up with the story. It was visually stunning and was set blatantly apart from the rest of the film with an irony any horror lover could appreciate. This film took slasher gore on a different turn, leaving the moments you were braced for something disgusting rather clean, but opening scenes depicted figures grotesquely arranged.

Fans of Michael Myers (and those who do not fear him) may catch a glimpse into their demise in the reboot. Strode’s daughter resents her mother’s parenting, forcing her to grow up in fear of the Boogeyman. In her adult life, she grows estranged from her mother and refuses to take the same precautions her mother did, in hopes of raising a happy family. But for anyone that has seen a horror movie, it’s a given that the bliss is not to last. The bond of blood is the most appropriate thing to end the reign of a murderer.

This incredible film won’t be in theaters for as long as Myers has been incarcerated. Make sure you take some time to see this masterpiece of horror before it’s gone!