Letter to the Editor: Yes, Anime is Still Weird


To the editor,

I have some words to say in response to an opinion article, “Is Liking Anime Still Weird?” that was published in the last edition of The Roar. The short answer: yes, anime is still weird. I found there to be some holes in the logic of the article. Specifically, the fourth paragraph. Before I start, I want to say that the most experience I have with anything like anime is Avatar: The Last Airbender— and I love it, but other that I don’t watch or like it.

The article seems to suggest that nerdiness is comparable to being someone who likes watching anime. It says that things that have been considered weird in the past because of the stigma of being “nerdy” have become popular despite, and maybe even because of, its nerdiness. Then it questions why the same thing can’t happen with anime. Here’s why: anime isn’t unpopular and considered weird because it’s inherently “nerdy;” it’s unpopular and weird because of the complete over-sexualization of literally anything and everything. At least that’s why I’ll never watch or read it.

Even the example used in the article that tries to prove the point that something unpopular can become popular doesn’t make sense as a comparison. The author says that Marvel comic books were once unpopular, but with the movies have become very popular. Though some arguments can be made about this (involving advertising posters including Black Widow), the over-sexualization of women didn’t cross from those comic books into the now very popular movies. Those movies want to tell a story.

Every time someone has tried to get me into anime, I’ve been completely distracted by the crazy body shapes of the girls, or by parts of a storyline that are sexualized that just shouldn’t be. Someone showed me one where the whole plot was about weapons that required two people to drive and operate– it had to be a male and a female. The guy had a seat and the girl had to be on her hands and knees in front of him to operate it.

I didn’t even know what to think or say about that other than, “I’m mildly uncomfortable.” I’m not going to watch it again. Cartoon characters shouldn’t be sexualized. I have lots of friends who like anime, and I’m not going to judge people for enjoying whatever they want as long as they’re not hurting anyone. But, uh, it’s still weird.


Sarah Jones
Sophomore Vocal Performance Major