ENO Farm Coming to Demorest Campus


One of the most popular things people like to do around campus is to tie up their portable hammocks and relax. However, there isn’t a place where people can do this as group. That’s why the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is working on what is known as an ENO Farm.

ENO stands for Eagles Nest Outfitters, a popular brand of portable hammocks. An ENO Farm is a series of poles that people can use to hang up their hammocks anyway they want with their friends. “It’s a place where people who either have an ENO or any form of hammock can go and congregate at a specific place and hang out with their friends.” said senior Tatum Williams, the president of NSLS.

Williams took over this project after her predecessor, Mary Kathryn Heisel, graduated. According to Williams, two ENO Farms will be built on campus: one by the sand volleyball court and one by the Village. Heisel said she noticed the amount of people who enjoyed putting up hammocks around Piedmont and wanted to create an area specifically for them to hang out in the fresh air and partake in whatever activities they’d like, whether that’s relaxing or studying.

The National Society of Leadership and Success was created to build people into their own type of leaders. Members take on extracurriculars and projects to help better their campus and community, such as collecting blankets for the local animal shelter.With  the ENO Farm, Williams said she hopes to create something that will bring the community together.

There isn’t an official date when the ENO Farm will be built, but Williams predicts it should be done by next spring at the latest. Williams hopes that the ENO Farm will bring the Piedmont community closer and help NSLS expand their future projects.