AAT7X1 Amber room in Catherine the Great’s Palace Tsarskoye Selo St Petersburg

Unsolved mysteries have always drawn attention, but none more so than those involving missing treasures. To treasure hunters and archeologists, the thought of one day finding these artifacts is indescribable. However, these things are incredibly hard to find.

These rarities are hidden with the intent to never be found by anyone else. Clues upon clues, eye witness accounts and false leads have to be studied and gone through before one can even begin to put together an idea of where to look. If hidden well, these treasures are likely to stay that way.

Recently, one such mystery may have been located. Late last year a couple of German scientists claimed to have found the location of what has been called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” –the Amber Room. The Amber Room is supposedly made up of multiple decorative panels of sculpted amber, gold leaf and other precious gemstones. When lit with candles, the room was said to give off a beautiful golden glow. This room originally belonged to the Prussian king, but was gifted to the Russian Czar, Peter the Great, in 1716 when the two kingdoms formed an alliance.

According to the Smithsonian, The Amber Room stayed as part of an art exhibit until 1755 when Czarina Elizabeth had the masterpiece relocated to the Czar’s Village in Pushkin. The new room was too large for the existing panels and as such new panels were commissioned and added. After renovations, The Amber Room was said to have weighed up to six tons. Over the years Russia’s rulers would use and admire the beautiful room. In World War II, that changed.

Nazi Germany invaded Russia in 1941 and proceeded to steal a large amount of art that would go into a German museum. The Amber Room was among the stolen pieces. All six tons were torn down, crated up, and shipped to Königsberg, Germany – today’s Kaliningrad, Russia. The Amber Room remained in this museum until near the end of the war.

It was first believed that the room was destroyed in the bombing of Germany. However, it was later revealed that The Amber Room had been ordered to be re-crated and shipped out. This is where the “Eighth Wonder of the World” vanishes. Some people believe that it was still destroyed in subsequent bombings. Some say it was boarded onto a ship and is now sitting at the bottom of the ocean. Others insist that it remains in Kaliningrad, is hidden deep inside mines or in well-hidden German bunkers.

Over the years, hundreds of people have been on the hunt for the missing European treasure and many have claimed to locate it. These claims, once looked into, have so far amounted to nothing. The aforementioned German scientists say that The Amber Room and other treasures are resting in underground tunnels hidden beneath hills near Dresden. No further research has been done, but there have been requests to further survey the land of the suspected location. Will the elusive Amber Room be found or is it doomed to remain a mystery? As they say, only time will tell.