On Sept. 29, pop-star Kesha performed at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta. It was the third stop on her Rainbow Tour, with her next stop being Charlotte, North Carolina. 

She opened with her new hit song “Woman,” and immediately got her fans dancing. She continued to grace the audience with live singing and routine dances that enhanced the entire show. 

While showcasing her new album, “Rainbow,” Kesha didn’t refrain from playing some of her older content, like “Tik Tok” and “Take it Off.” These touches sparked memories and lit a passion in all of her “animals” that have been with her since the beginning. 

Throughout the show, Kesha constantly told her fans how much she loved them and appreciated them. At several points, she even reached down into the crowd and signed autographs for her fans. 

In addition to her music and dance, Kesha also put on a show with her wardrobe. She shifted between four outfits throughout the show. Her first outfit displayed her hippy/retro style in an all pink suit adorned with goofy and fun stickers. 

Her second outfit paired nicely with her countryside as she sang “Hunt You Down” and “Boots.” This outfit consisted of a white lacey dress with cowboy boots and a hat. 

Later in the show, Kesha put on her third outfit, a long and sparkly lace cardigan, which led the show into a more serious tone as she sang her raw and emotional song, “Praying.” This was one of the most memorable performances of the night, as Kesha’s pain and power could be heard through her voice and seen on her face. 

Just when the audience thought the performance was over, Kesha came back on stage and gave an encore of the “old” Kesha. For these songs, she wore short jean shorts and a ripped up t-shirt. She ended the night by performing “Starship” and drinking a beer. 

This was by far the best concert I’ve ever experienced. Kesha showed off her skill at doing what she does best, which is being a star.