Almost a year and a half after graduating, Jamie Doublet has returned to the Piedmont College Theater Department to work on this semester’s production of “Guys and Dolls.”  

Doublet graduated in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater and a minor in Mass Communications. After graduating, she started her second summer at Stagedoor Manor, a children’s’ theater summer camp in New York. While there, Doublet taught choreography to the campers and choreographed their musicals. After she finished the summer session, she moved to New York City to “try her hand in the big city.” 

In addition to choreography, Doublet also performs on the stage. Her first acting gig was as a demonic clown in a haunted hayride. She then performed in the Sans Limites Dance Festival in Chelsea, Manhattan. Finally, Doublet got a job as an emcee for a traveling dance competition called Starquest International. While working for Starquest International, she voyaged to a different city every weekend for about six months. 

Doublet then jumped coasts and settled in San Francisco, California as she continued working as an emcee. When she finished touring with Starquest, Jamie Doublet went on to working with a nonprofit dance company called Access. 

Access’s mission is to incorporate dancers with different disabilities and demonstrate that nothing can hold them back from doing what they love. 

“I have severe hearing loss,” Doublet said. “As someone with a disability, it was great to be able to work in that kind of a field.”  

Doublet was an office worker for Access, but also worked as a production assistant for one of their projects. 

Before returning to Georgia, Doublet went back to Stagedoor for a third time to choreograph their production of “Guys and Dolls.” Now, she’s choreographing the show again, this time for Piedmont College. 

“It feels different, but also like home,” she said. She also said that it feels rewarding to be able to come back to Piedmont with professional experience. She’s ready to apply her newfound experience to the place that had such a large impact on her life. She’s especially thrilled to work alongside her former professors. 

Doublet is working with many new faces, in addition to some of her previous peers. She wants to make sure that everyone she works with feels respected and is happy with the work she does with them. 

Her advice to students is to keep an open mind about what can be done with a college degree. 

“Especially in the fields of arts and communications, you never know what to expect,” she said. “Keep an open mind about the opportunities that come into your pathway and seize every one that you get. Do whatever it takes to make your dreams happen.”