“You can do anything with hard work, ambition and the will to search for greatness.”  

As I embark on the journey to fulfill my duties as Student Government Association President, the quote above is a reminder of how I landed myself where I am today. As I prepared in the spring to run for the position of SGA President, the quote consumed my way of thinking. This quote continues to enter my thoughts today.  

The quote above is simple. It is a simple quote I gave to myself when I was younger. I have always been the person to go above and beyond of what is required of me.  

I have always attempted to exceed my own expectations and the expectations of others, but this time it is different. You see, the quote above sticks with me even now, but in a different manner.  

This time, I’m not trying to meet my own expectations or do anything for myself. I have learned, thus far, that being SGA President requires selflessness.  

I’m not doing anything for myself. I am doing it for the students of Piedmont College. This time I am working hard, holding strong ambition, and searching for greatness, not only for myself, but also for those in my educational community–those who I represent.  

My job is to be the formal voice of the students. I cannot just be Kanler Cumbass. I must be the voice of the student body. This is the task I have been awarded and this is the task I shall work towards.  

This job is different in comparison to my usual, but it has helped shape my goals for the year— to see growth in student leadership, to foster Piedmont College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, to create opportunities for students and to meet the needs of students. I do not undertake these tasks to fulfill my own desires, but to achieve those of my fellow students. This year, I will use this quote to hold myself to a higher standard. I will serve as an advocate for students and a pioneer for change.   

I am a firm believer that anything can happen with hard work, ambition and the will to search for greatness.  

I will use this quote to feed my drive, as I move towards making this year–a year for the students.