A new semester means new looks, and all across campus, people are already sporting their own unique looks. 

While it may be more comfortable to wear loose t-shirts and shorts to class, many people have been opting instead to wear breezy summer dresses with cold shoulder sleeves. Choker tops are still very popular, even in the hot Georgia weather, often being paired with high waisted shorts. Another trendy look that has been spotted around campus is a plain top paired with patterned leggings. Classrooms can be a bit chilly, so many people are wearing floral kimonos over their tank tops. Classic jeans are timeless, but a recent twist is the trend of rolling up the bottom cuffs of jeans. This has been a very popular summer look, and it may even stick around through fall, depending on how warm it stays. In the world of shoes, strappy gladiator sandals and pointy toed flats can be seen everywhere on campus. 

Summer may be closing in on out calendars, but at Piedmont, summer usually lasts well into November. Let’s hope for more beautiful weather to come, and even more fashion trends to come along with it. 

Junior Bekah James wore a floral kimono with a mint green tank top and cuffed jeans. PHOTO / OLIVIA MORLEY
Freshman Hadley Cottingham wore a cold shoulder dress for a dinner with her family later that day. PHOTO / OLIVIA MORLEY
Senior Kristian Tice wore black and white patterned leggings with a black tank top that has a Grateful Dead teddy bear decal on top. PHOTO / OLIVIA MORLEY