The renovation of Piedmont College’s Athens campus over the summer made a lot of sense for everyone. When Lane Hall, which housed the nursing department and the old library, was sold last year, the school decided that mostly unused space in the Commons building could be put to better use. The nursing program now has a home in the heart of the college, alongside a new library.  

“I love the renovations,” said Jazmine Dunnavant, a sophomore and early childhood major at Piedmont College. “The library looks amazing and I love how all of us, no matter what our major is, are in the same building. It gives me a feeling of togetherness throughout the school. Also, the library is easier to get to and more accessible, since us students don’t have to walk down the street to get to the library. It’s right where we are. We’re only about a week in and I already go to the library more than I used to.”  

In its central location, the library has seen an upswing in traffic this semester.   

“We checked out eight books today,” said Kathy Hill, a student worker in the library and 58-year-old freshman in business management.   

Jef Whatley, Instructional Design Librarian and Branch Manager, agreed that since the library is more visible, they have been busier every day. There are two new study rooms where students can study independently or as a group, eight computers, a printing station and a copier.   

“I think it will be good for everybody,” said Mitzi Heck, who has been the Director of Administrative Services at Piedmont for over seven years. “We had some students say, ‘We have a library?’ …and the nursing students would hardly ever come over here for anything. I think they will feel less isolated.”  

Katrina Hill, Administrative Assistant in Nursing and Health Sciences at the Athens campus, also agreed that the move has made the nursing students and staff feel more engaged.  

“This is a way to keep the (nursing) students connected with their school,” Hill said. “The new facilities have improved our nursing program in several ways. It is a way to promote the nursing program when visitors come and see the college. Now we’re even closer to the library, so it promotes good study habits for our students to be successful in their academics.”  

Hill said that professors and students alike agree that being on the main campus is more convenient. 

“Our accessibility to other departments is a benefit, connecting us all in the Piedmont College maze.”