Progressing into our fourth week on campus; third week of classes, I (a freshman) still felt a strange sense of angst, still unadjusted, still trying to find my place.  

So what did I do? I elected to emerge myself in every club possible: Cheerleading, Hall Council, and SGA.  

Of course, this all backfired on me. I realized I ended up overwhelming myself between classes, sports, homework, friends, clubs and sleep. I wound up having no time for any one thing. 

I knew I couldn’t be the only one, so I embark on an adventure to find other freshmen like me. It turns out that wasn’t too hard. 

“I’ve made plenty of friends,” said freshman Delona Walker. “As far as the community, I just fit right in. Everyone’s so nice here, and it’s just so small and friendly. It’s almost like my old school in a small town where everyone’s cool with everyone” 

While Delona has adjusted well to the community, she’s had a harder time adjusting to classes. 

“I’ve turned in all of my assignment so far, but I don’t start them when I should,” she said. “I don’t study in time, as far as time management goes.” 

Delona is still in the midst of figuring out how to fix her problem, but she has a few ideas already. 

“I feel like I need to take time for myself and get more organized,” she said. “I need to talk to someone and ask them what I should do as far as time management goes, because I’m not the best at getting organized.” 

After my discussion with Delona and a few other freshmen, I felt a little bit better. Knowing that there are others on campus who aren’t quite adjusted either relieves me. 

It’s hard to balance living in a new environment with new people, managing a heavy workload, and make time for friends. 

I hope that I can help other freshmen feel the same sense of relief that I felt while working on this article. You are not alone.