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It is another year, and another semester. It’s time yet again for The Roar to go up in the stands.  

The Roar is full of useful information, urgent matters and opinions that some of you may share.  

But do you know who is behind this publication?  

Well, I want you to know. My name is Alena Hanson, and I’m the new Publications Chief for The Roar. 

I am a journalist, an editor and a leader. Everything that goes into the paper goes through the Executive Director and I before landing in your hands.  

We plan. We collect. We edit.  

We are the ones who figure out what you, as our target audience, want and need to know. We want to hear from you. We want your stories. We want your take. We want you to let us know what is relevant and fresh. 

This publication is centered on not only Piedmont College, but also on the current events that are happening around us.  

We wil not be pressured to publish anything we do not feel holds objectivity.  

It is our job to keep you up to date and knowledgeable about your campus. Our opinions will not bleed into what we write.  

We will report neutrally and allow you to draw your own conclusions from our stories. 

We are not here to force you to think a way or tear down Piedmont. We are here to advocate, report and produce accuracy.  

We are on most social media outlets to allow you to let us know how you feel about what we have published, and what you would like to see put out. 

This year is a year for the students, and as your Publications Chief, I promise that you will receive accurate and relatable articles.  

I promise that every voice can be heard. If you reach out, we will welcome you and your words. This is student run publication, so you, the student population, are the ones that help spread our outreach.  

Remember, this is all for the students.  

I want to thank you for picking up this paper today, and encourage you to continue to read and enjoy The Roar. 


Hello, and welcome to the start of another great semester at Piedmont College! My name is Ben Thornburgh, and I’m the new Executive Director for The Roar.  

I have some pretty big shoes to fill in this position, but I have a talented crew of editors on my team, and I’m confident that we will make this a momentous year for this paper. 

It’s a scary time to enter the field of journalism, especially with the leader of our nation calling media the “enemy” of the people.  

Today more than ever, we need access to accurate, unbiased and unyielding journalism. My promise to you is that for as long as I’m the director of this paper, The Roar will report objectively and honestly.  

We will not allow our own opinions to pollute our reporting, and we will not withhold from writing stories that may shine a bad light on our school. Our loyalty lies with nothing but the truth. 

If you see something that you believe we should be reporting on, or if you would like to contribute to this paper yourself, I encourage you to reach out to me and help make an impact on The Roar and this campus. I look forward to upholding my promise and producing quality content.