Over the summer of 2017, Piedmont College was working hard on its new mobile app, which now serves as a central hub of communication for students, faculty and staff. Since the beginning of the semester, I’ve used the app extensively and I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful. 

One of my favorite features of the new app is the Campus Feed. Similar to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this section of the app allows users to share thoughts, pictures, and even items for sale. Student leaders of clubs and activities also use the Campus Feed to promote their meetings and events. 

The Campus Feed also promotes interaction, allowing users to comment on and like posts. This is a great way to communicate with other students across campus, and I love reading what students have to share. 

Another way that the Piedmont App improves communication is by allowing users to add each other as friends on the app. 

People can also private message each other through the app, which is a great way to spark conversations and develop new friendships. Users can even send messages directly to faculty and staff, creating a new and swift communication medium between students and professors. I’ve used this feature to message several people through the app, and I’ve found it extremely helpful and convenient. 

Another great part of the new app is its Home page, which provides an array of helpful information to students, all in one place. Through the Home page, users can find detailed information about Piedmont’s faculty and staff, groups and clubs, campus services, athletic opportunities and events. 

In the Events tab, users can see a full list of upcoming Piedmont College events, and even add events to their personal calendars. 

Having access to all of this information in a single location is incredibly helpful, especially to freshmen who are looking for ways to get involved around campus. 

In addition to all of these convenient features, one of the best things that the new Piedmont app brings to the table is its scanning feature. 

In previous years, students checked into events by scanning their ID through an app called Presence, much like the process of scanning into the cafeteria. This method often caused confusion and created technical difficulties, even affecting the amount of points that some students received at the annual League of Lions auction.  

With the new app, students can check into events by scanning a single QR code. this method is much faster and more convenient. 

I find myself using the app daily, and I find it to be extremely helpful. It has something to offer to every student, and I believe every student should give it a try.