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Taylor Swift Speak Now Concert at Heinz Field

LAUREN BARTLETT Publication chief & A&E editor

After the end of her latest world tour, Taylor Swift surprised her southern fans when she announced that she will be putting on one last show in Habersham County.

Swift has performed in London, Seattle, Toronto and even Shanghai, China. After months of consideration, Swift is adding Demorest to that list.

“I have always wanted to attempt a low-key concert, and I think North Georgia would be the perfect place to do so,” said Swift. “I have also heard rumors that Piedmont College has a beautiful campus and I want to see for myself. Once I post a picture, I think my 99 million Instagram followers will think the same.”

Swift has plans to continue her tradition of giving all attendees electronic bracelets that sync with her music. Swift ordered only 1,000 bracelets for this event when she usually orders around 70,000.

“Putting this together is definitely low-budget and will be really easy to pull off. I just hope people don’t think it’s a joke and will actually show up,” said Swift. In preparation for the show, Swift is asking Piedmont’s maintenance team to help her set up the light and sound. “I know this area will be a very different set-up than the usual stadium I am used to, but I am excited to switch things up,” she said.

The set list for Swift’s special show will include some of her most famous songs including, “22,” “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me.” Swift will also be performing some of her older classic songs such as “Hey Stephen,” “Better Than Revenge” and “All Too Well.”

“I don’t always get the chance to perform older songs of mine, so I want to take advantage of the small setting at Piedmont and do that,” said Swift.

Senior nursing major Katie Mercardante has been a Taylor Swift fan since her “Tim McGraw” days. “When I first heard that Taylor Swift was coming to perform here, I didn’t believe it. But, now that I know it’s real, I can’t wait. It seems so surreal,” said Mercardante. “I hope I get to meet her because I want to ask her what really happened with her breakup from Calvin Harris and I know she’ll tell me.”

With many questions about opening acts for the show, Swift said, “Shawn Mendes opened for most of my shows on my world tour. Sadly, he is back in Canada for now and couldn’t open for me this time.”

Swift said that there will be an open spot for anyone locally who wants to step in for Mendes and perform the opening act.

“I’m hoping that since it’s such a small place, people won’t know where Habersham is and I can play for the college students and locals,” said Swift. “I want to be able to enjoy a more intimate crowd.” Swift will perform Sat., April 8 at 7 p.m. at the Arrendale Amphitheatre. Come see her hit song, “Welcome To New York” transform into Welcome to Demorest.

For information about Swift’s upcoming performance and ways to be chosen as her opening act, email [email protected]

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