Softball leads Migues to Piedmont


SAM NEGRON Staff writer

Piedmont may seem like it’s just a small private liberal arts institution in North Georgia. However, it is much more than that.

Piedmont College gives student-athletes the opportunity to continue a life-long endeavor, but also pursue major dreams at the same time. This is the main reason that Avery Migues, a senior health science major and Lady Lions softball player, chose Piedmont.

“I chose Piedmont because of its location, it’s only an hour away from my home town, for its various health science majors and for the opportunity to play softball,” said Migues.

Location, education and sports can play major roles in a student’s decision to attend a specific college. If one or more of those options isn’t available, it may deter a student from choosing that school.

“I don’t think I would have chosen Piedmont if they didn’t offer softball. With softball being the main reason I chose to attend this school, I would have most likely attended a different institution,” said Migues.

Softball was a major factor in Migues’ decision. She knew that she wanted to continue playing in college. It was something that was and is very important to her, not only because of the team aspect, but everything else that comes with playing sports.

“Softball is pretty important for me in college. It’s an extra-curricular activity for me to be involved in, it’s a good way to keep me in shape, and it gave me an automatic way to connect with people and make friends,” said Migues.

“Team sports open up many avenues for athletes. It is more than just playing on a team. You create bonds that will last a lifetime. Your teammates are friends that you will most likely stay in contact with throughout life. Playing sports can even help a person grow. Yes, I think sports has helped me grow as a person in many ways. Playing a sport has taught me many lessons and given me lots of opportunities,” said Migues.

The most important thing an upper-classmen can do is pass on the knowledge they have gotten. Incoming freshmen may not know what to think when they come to school. It is a whole different world for them.

“The biggest advice I’d give a freshman athlete is to really be diligent with their time management. In high school we have so much free time to do homework and study for tests but in college there’s so many other things going on that we would rather do than finish our assignments,” said Migues. “Another thing I’d say is to make sure you take it all in. College is one of the most fun times in your life so make as many memories as possible”

When graduation approaches many students don’t have a clue of what to do afterwards. Coming to Piedmont has given Migues’ many options she can look into.

“My plans after college are hopefully find a job as a cardiovascular sonographer at a local hospital or possibly take an overseas job in the same profession. Since I’m at that time in my life when I’m young and I don’t have anything tying me down, I’ve been thinking about some international jobs,” said Migues.