The past makes you who you are

CHRIS HADLOW Contributing writer

Some people go through life and say that if they had the chance, they would go back and change something in their life. My personal belief is that I will never want to go back and change the past because the things I have done before helped shape the person I am today.

I was born with what is called a “lazy eye.” This means that one of my eyes did not have the same muscle strength as the other one, so it may sometimes drift back and forth without me controlling it. When I was young this made me feel very insecure about myself, and sometimes I would be made fun of because of it. Around the age of eight, I had eye muscle surgery, which helped fix it, but I still had a long road ahead. I would not go back and change this because it showed me the only opinion that mattered was my own, and that if I worked hard enough anything was possible.

From a very young age, sports have played a major role in my life. Pretty much any sport you can name, I have at least tried. Sports have taught me many things that I was able to transfer over to real life. They have helped me become a strong leader on and off the field, and helped me learn to respect and treat other people fairly. They have also taught me never to give up, which has really helped motivate me in many aspects of my life.

I have lived in one house my whole life and known basically the same people. I wanted to come to Piedmont to play lacrosse, but also to come to a place where I could get a fresh start and nobody knew who I was. Piedmont gives a great opportunity to get a degree while playing the sport that I love, and I look forward to what the future has in store.