Student dreams of being White House press secretary

ALYSSA EMMETT Contributing writer

Connor Jackson, a sophomore at Piedmont College, studies mass communications with a goal of working for CNN one day.

Jackson lives in Apex, North Carolina and attended North Carolina State University for his freshman year of college. He was originally a psychology major, but after taking a couple courses, Jackson realized he hated psychology.

“It’s actually a funny story of how I became a psychology major,” said Jackson. “I loved watching the show ‘Criminal ‘Minds,’ and I love how they analyzed the different serial killers and actually focused on finding them through looking at the way they committed their crimes.”

He discovered his passion for political journalism when he took an internship at Virginia State working on a campaign. There he acted as a political director and got his first taste of politics.

“My dream job would be a White House press secretary,” Jackson said. “Realistically, I want to work at CNN and do political journalism.”

Both Jackson’s mother and great grandmother attended Piedmont College in the past. Like them, Jackson plans to only attend for two to three semesters, but hopes to learn how to simplify his complex sentences. He also wants to expand his knowledge of journalism.