Tips from a tutor: Getting help with math

KRISHNA KHATRI/Contributing writer

My name is Krishna Khatri and I am from Nepal. Currently, I am a senior math major at Piedmont College. This year, I am working as a math tutor in the Learning Center. At my high school I worked as a tutor, helping students with math, physics, economics and business. I love to share my knowledge and help others.

The Learning Center is a great place for students who need help with their coursework. There are excellent tutors available who are always ready to help. You can get help understanding a topic or assistance preparing for a test in many different subjects. I remember my visit to the Learning Center during my freshman year when I got help for my English course, and it was very fruitful.

I understand that math is not a fun subject for many students. But once you learn the concepts, ways to analyze problems and the methods to solve it, solving math problems becomes fascinating. We are here to help you so visit the Learning Center if you are struggling with your coursework.