Top 5 shows to stream on Netflix


CONNOR JACKSON/ Contributing writer

There’s no denying it – everyone loves Netflix. Whether it be to pass the time on a rainy day, to hang out with friends, or to avoid the prospect of going out and socializing with actual human beings, online streaming is America’s favorite way to have instant entertainment on their TV.

There is one big problem: Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu all offer their own original content, as well as a vast library of third-party shows, making the decision on what to watch much more complicated than it should be. Never fear, though, as this handy guide will give suggestions from each streaming service to help find that one perfect show to watch.

From Netflix:

“House of Cards” With the effects of the 2016 election cycle looming large over all of American society, more people are interested in the political process than ever before; “House of Cards” is the perfect show to educate viewers on the inner workings of government, while still adding gripping drama and twisting character development at every turn. The Beau Willimon-created series, which premiered in 2013, stars Kevin Spacey as U.S. Rep. Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip (second-in-command), who is passed over for a nomination as U.S. Secretary of State in the incoming presidential administration. Working with his wife, Claire (Robin Wright), Frank hatches a plan to elevate himself to a position of greater power, no matter what it takes to get there.

From Amazon Prime:

“The Man In the High Castle” Set in a 1960s-era dystopian America, “The Man In the High Castle” is executive-produced by Ridley Scott (“Alien,” “Blade Runner”) and Frank Spotnitz (“The X-Files”), and stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans and Luke Kleintank. The show offers a look into an alternate history of what would have happened if the Axis Powers had won World War II, with Japan and Germany splitting the United States into two halves: the Japanese Pacific States west of the Rocky Mountains, the Greater Nazi Reich east of the Rockies and the Neutral Zone that spans the length of the mountains. With top-notch acting, outstanding cinematography and plot twists at the most unexpected moments, “The Man In the High Castle” merits consideration for a weekend binge-watching session.

From Netflix:

“New Girl” This is a sitcom that tends to be a much more pleasant viewing experience. The show centers around LA teacher Jess (Zooey Deschanel), and her experience as the only girl living in an apartment with her three male roommates Schmidt, Nick and Winston. Each 30-minute episode of “New Girl” provides plenty of laughs, some heartfelt moments and great character development, making it an easy show to get into.

From Netflix:

“Stranger Things” Perhaps summer 2016’s hottest show, “Stranger Things” was a hit from the moment it released. Set in the 1980s in Hawkins, Indiana, the show centers around the efforts of Lucas, Mike and Dustin to locate their friend Will, who they believe was abducted by a supernatural monster. In the course of their adventure, they meet a young girl with psychokinetic powers, who only goes by the name Eleven. She uses her abilities to assist in the boys’ search for Will. The series garnered critical acclaim for both its outstanding acting and the feeling of nostalgia it creates. Those who grew up in the 1980s will be delighted to see loads of references to popular culture of the era in the both the course of the episodes, and even in the opening credits, which are an homage to Stephen King. “Stranger Things” offers a little bit of everything and does it all very well.A Anyone who gives this series a try will most certainly not be disappointed.

From Hulu:

“The Mindy Project” On the hit NBC mockumentary “The Office,” Mindy Kaling served as an actor, writer, director and executive producer. With her plethora of talents, it was only a matter of time before she had a show of her own. That came in the form of “The Mindy Project,” which originally debuted on Fox in 2012, before moving over to Hulu as a streaming exclusive. The show stars a fictional version of Kaling, known as Mindy Lahiri, who is an obstetrician/gynecologist in New York City, and focuses on her attempts to juggle both her professional life and romantic life. The show features an ensemble cast of quirky, peculiar characters alongside Kaling. It never ceases to create laughs, making “The Mindy Project” a series which should be at the top of every Hulu subscriber’s list.